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04/19/12 | April 19, 2012                                                                                                         […] | Read More »

04/18/12 | Pundits and Parties Acknowledge Importance of Latino Voters for 2012  With Mitt Romney having all-but-officially sewn up the Republican presidential nomination, the consensus of pundits and party strategists alike is that we’ve moved into general election season.  As Talking Points Memo noted, “After a week in which both sides aggressively courted women voters, this week […] | Read More »

04/18/12 | House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith is holding yet another hearing on his proposal for mandatory E-Verify.  A blog post by Dara Lind, program associate at America’s Voice Education Fund, highlights Smith’s strong reliance on the “experts” from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), an anti-immigrant think tank founded as an extension of the Federation […] | Read More »

04/17/12 | In Case You Missed It, please see the ThinkProgress piece below on Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s comments regarding his role in Mitt Romney’s campaign – which appear to contradict a Romney advisor assertions that Kobach is a mere “supporter.” View the full piece at ThinkProgress here. Kobach Contradicts Romney Campaign, Says He Regularly […] | Read More »

04/16/12 | In a series of interviews with Spanish language media this past weekend, President Obama promised to make immigration reform a year one priority of a potential second term.  He also lamented Republican obstructionism on the issue.  In an interview with Univision, Obama said: “I can promise that I will try to do it in the […] | Read More »

04/16/12 | Romney Acknowledges Problems with Latino Voters, But He’s in Denial About His Indelible Anti-Immigrant Brand Over the weekend, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney finally acknowledged the fact that he has a “Latino problem” due to his anti-immigrant posturing in the Republican primary. While Romney didn’t intend to say so publicly, his remarks at a […] | Read More »

04/11/12 | Condi Rice: “I Don’t Know When Immigrants Became the Enemy;” Ken Starr Calls Parts of Arizona “Show Me Your Papers Law” Unconstitutional While the Republican Party’s hard right approach to immigration policy is often in sharp contrast with Democratic officeholders and candidates, recent immigration comments from two Republican luminaries underscore the fact that the nativist […] | Read More »

04/06/12 | Yesterday, the backers of Alabama's "show me your papers" anti-immigrant law introduced new legislation to tweak, but not repeal, the state's law. The following is a reaction to the new bill from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America's Voice. | Read More »

04/05/12 | Today, political scientists from Latino Decisions released a new Latino electoral influence model for 2012 in a conference call with reporters and other interested parties. Supported by America's Voice Education Fund, the new model will allow political observers to fully understand how the Latino vote could impact key Presidential, Senate and gubernatorial races in 2012 and beyond. The model uses historical turnout information for different demographic groups and real time polling data to develop those different scenarios. | Read More »

04/05/12 | Former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce – the man behind the nation's first, "show me your papers" anti-immigrant law – admitted an important truth in a new interview with The Washington Post. Pearce said in reference to Mitt Romney, "His immigration policy is identical to mine…Attrition by enforcement. It's identical to mine – enforce the laws. We have good laws, just enforce them." | Read More »

04/04/12 | When Mitt Romney tried to open up a line of attack on President Obama over immigration this week, he brought the issue into the forefront of the 2012 presidential contest once again. Apparently, the Romney campaign is finally paying attention to Latino opinion polls, and has concluded that if the candidate can't compete for the Latino vote, the best he can do is suppress it. Romney's strategy will no doubt be echoed by Republican-aligned super PACs and special interest groups heading into the fall. | Read More »

04/03/12 | While campaigning in Wisconsin yesterday, Mitt Romney debuted a new line of attack against President Obama—focusing on immigration. Said Romney, referring to immigration, "This has always been a priority for the President he chooses to do nothing about…Let the immigrant community not forget that, while he uses this as a political weapon, he has not taken responsibility for fixing the problems we have." | Read More »

03/30/12 | A range of stories today focus on Republican problems with Latino voters. It appears that across the Party GOP leaders are finally recognizing that courting Latino voters in the fall is threatened by an anti-immigrant, anti-Latino brand that has been cemented by the Republican primary. | Read More »

03/29/12 | The news that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) endorsed Mitt Romney for President has led to another round of pundit speculation about Rubio's vice presidential prospects, which Rubio demurely "rejects." But the chatter continues because some within the GOP apparently think that adding Rubio to the ticket could help the Party recover from its free-fall with Latino voters. They ignore two inconvenient truths: | Read More »

03/28/12 | As the House Immigration Subcommittee hearing, "Holiday on ICE," gets underway, a press call today highlighted egregious and systemic problems inside our nation's civil immigration detention facilities and questioned why House Republicans are making light of such serious issues and the need for reform. On today's call, Immigration detention experts, women's rights leaders, and victims of sexual abuse discussed the hundreds of preventable deaths and sexual assaults in detention centers across the nation and expressed outrage that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) is playing politics with people's lives. | Read More »

03/28/12 | Earlier this week, The Hill newspaper reported that Senate Republicans, led by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), are pursuing an alternative, stripped down version of the DREAM Act in an attempt to improve the Party's standing with Latino voters. Among the likely provisions in the Republicans' version is a path to legalization that stops short of providing citizenship to young people who would qualify for the legislation. | Read More »

03/28/12 | Today at 1:30, the U.S. House Immigration Subcommittee will renew its attack on immigrants with a hearing to "examine" the Obama Administration's updated Performance-Based National Detention Standards (PBNDS). | Read More »

03/27/12 | A range of Southern states continue to advance legislation putting Mitt Romney's "self-deportation" theory into devastating practice. A concept originally envisioned by Romney advisor Kris Kobach and facilitated by the hyper-conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the "self-deportation" theory holds, improbably, that if you make life so intolerable and terrorizing for undocumented immigrants in the United States they will pack up their lives and their families and leave on their own. And their ideas are on the march in the South. | Read More »