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03/13/12 | With demographic realities now undeniable, more and more political analysts agree that Republicans are committing political suicide by embracing hard-line, anti-immigrant policies. A piece by Paul Begala in The Daily Beast, lifts up some important quotes from prominent GOP strategists who agree that Republican candidates change on immigration if they have any hopes of winning a national election. | Read More »

03/12/12 | On a pre-primary press call, the day before the contentious Alabama GOP primary, immigrant reform experts and leaders from religious and immigrant youth communities shed light on the devastating toll that Alabama's anti-immigration law (HB 56) has had on Latino families and warned of the role Alabama will play in the national elections this November. | Read More »

03/09/12 | The nation's eyes are turning towards Alabama, as a series of developments with the state's "show me your papers" anti-immigration law intersect with political dynamics surrounding the upcoming Republican presidential primary and general election. | Read More »

03/08/12 | Yesterday, Miami-area high school valedictorian Daniela Pelaez and her sister, Dayana, came to Washington to meet with U.S. Representatives and Senators from Florida. The sisters, both of whom would benefit from the DREAM Act, recently won an administrative reprieve from deportation for two years. | Read More »

03/07/12 | National labor leaders have come out in strong opposition to Alabama's "show me your papers" anti-immigration law, noting the disturbing parallels with Alabama's civil rights history and calling on the state to repeal its divisive law. | Read More »

03/06/12 | Leading news outlets, political pundits, and commentators have come to a consensus: the Republican Party is in big trouble with Latino voters, largely because of its mishandling of the immigration issue. Yesterday, new polling from Fox News Latino documented the extent of the Republicans' "Latino problem," triggering a new round of analysis about the potential political consequences this November and for years to come... | Read More »

03/06/12 | Amidst a heated campaign to repeal Alabama's "worst in the nation" anti-immigrant law, this year is the first time that the issue of immigration has been officially incorporated into the historic Selma to Montgomery, AL march to commemorate our nation's struggle for civil and human rights. African American leaders have played a leading role in the campaign against HB 56 from the start. In October last year, Scott Douglas, Executive Director of Greater Birmingham Ministries, said that the Alabama anti-immigration law "combines some of the most heinous, vicious, inhumane Jim Crow legislation of the 1950s." | Read More »

03/01/12 | Today in Atlanta a three judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit will hear arguments over Alabama's and Georgia's anti-immigration laws. In mid-April, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments about Arizona's "show me your papers" law S.B. 1070, the precursor to the Alabama and Georgia anti-immigrant initiatives. | Read More »

02/29/12 | Amidst Mitt Romney's victory in the Arizona primary yesterday are a series of indicators that show how the Republicans' mishandling of the immigration issue during the primary season could have serious general election consequences for the GOP. Romney's embrace of the immigration policy he calls "self-deportation" and his endorsement of Arizona's "papers, please" SB1070 as a "model" for the nation are among the most visible examples of the fact that the Republican presidential primary race has tacked to the extreme right on immigration, hurting their chances with Latino voters. | Read More »

02/29/12 | Yesterday, in Phoenix, AZ, undocumented youth and allies with the DRM Capitol Group, the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition and others delivered approximately 8,000 petitions to the Arizona Republican Party headquarters, urging Republican candidates to stop opposing the DREAM Act and to change their rhetoric on immigration. | Read More »

02/28/12 | This past Sunday movie stars and a Hollywood director lifted up an important message for viewers as they celebrated the Oscars. As reported by the Spanish language Associated Press, actors Demián Bichir and George Clooney and director Chris Weitz "said on Sunday that they will keep advocating for immigration reform in the United States." | Read More »

02/28/12 | The Obama Administration's announcement that it would phase out one component of its troubled 287(g) immigration enforcement program has been hailed by some as a breakthrough. But immigrant advocates and law enforcement experts are warning that this announcement will not resolve the fact that ongoing Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programs continue to sweep up a large number of immigrants with no criminal record, or only minor infractions such as traffic violations, and harm the relationship between immigrants and local police that is essential to fighting crime. | Read More »

02/23/12 | Last night, DREAM Act eligible undocumented youth and allies – including civil rights icon and co-founder of United Farm Workers, Dolores Huerta – made their presence known outside of the GOP presidential candidate's debate in Phoenix. Standing in front of a massive banner which read: "DREAM Act Now" and holding signs saying "Veto Romney, Not the DREAM Act," undocumented youth protested Governor Mitt Romney's pledge to veto the DREAM Act and his intention to force nearly every undocumented person out of the country if he becomes President. | Read More »

02/23/12 | As predicted, last night's debate featured yet another feast of anti-immigrant rhetoric and no real solutions. Most notably, Mitt Romney took his pandering to new heights and praised Arizona's "papers, please" law, SB 1070, as "a model" for the nation. We beg to differ. Arizona is a model for both bad policy and bad politics. As the general election draws closer, here are a few important takeaways voters should keep in mind as Arizona continues to secure its position as a battleground state this November... | Read More »

02/22/12 | Immigration has been a hot topic in the GOP presidential primary, despite the fact that most Republican voters are focused on other issues. But Latino Voters – a key segment of the electorate that Republicans will need in order to win the general election—have been watching the Republican primary debates in alarm. | Read More »

02/21/12 | In advance of tomorrow's GOP debate in Mesa, Arizona, an editorial in the New York Times today captures how the Republican candidates for President have lurched far to the right on immigration. | Read More »

02/17/12 | In a hollow effort to distract Latino voters from their Party's poor record on immigration reform in recent years, the Republican National Committee picked fights with Democrats this week over "chimichangas" and perceived insults. First targeting Jim Messina and now going after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the RNC's approach is backfiring, because it's only serving to highlight the reasons why a growing number of Latino voters are turning away from the GOP. | Read More »

02/17/12 | As costs mount, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is asking a federal judge to consolidate legal challenges to the state's "papers, please" immigration law, SB 1070. Brewer's learning the hard way that when you attack the Constitution, civil society stands up to protect it. | Read More »