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01/23/13 | Immigration reform has become a win-win-win issue—smart politics for both Republicans and Democrats, and smart policy for the nation.  Gary Segura, a Principal at Latino Decisions, and Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, gathered on a press call and webinar today to review new Latino Decisions analysis outlining what Republicans lost by following an […] | Read More »

01/23/13 | A range of new polls from AP, SEIU, CNN offer fresh evidence that Americans want immigration reform with citizenship, while providing another reminder of the momentum behind immigration reform in 2013. | Read More »

01/22/13 | The U.S. Senate reconvened today and issued a list of their 2013 legislative priorities.  Immigration reform is listed as S.1, signifying its importance to Senate leadership. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, “Majority Leader Reid has made it clear – in his public statements and in his role as Senate […] | Read More »

01/18/13 | Almost four out of five voters said they support a system that requires immigrants to pay taxes, holds employers accountable for hiring legal workers and prevents them from exploiting immigrant labor, improves border security and ensures that undocumented immigrants have a chance to work towards citizenship. | Read More »

01/17/13 | During a speech at Georgetown University Law Center yesterday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) announced plans to make immigration reform a top priority for his Committee in 2013.  As the starting gate for consideration of immigration reform in Congress, Leahy’s Judiciary Committee will play a crucial role in passing immigration legislation that includes a […] | Read More »

01/14/13 | The President Promised It; Republicans Need It; The Movement is Ready to Deliver It  New developments in the immigration debate offer fresh evidence that immigration reform that creates a roadmap to citizenship for 11 million immigrants is going to be a top priority in 2013. Among the key developments: White House Gears Up:  A front-page […] | Read More »

01/09/13 | And a Sign of Momentum in Favor of Immigration Reform The Illinois General Assembly passed a bill yesterday that will grant temporary drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants, moving the bill to the desk of Gov. Pat Quinn (D-IL) who plans to sign it into law.  The legislation passed due to the tireless work of advocates like the […] | Read More »

01/08/13 | MPI & CAP Demonstrate that We Can’t Spend our Way to Immigration Solution or Believe “Border First” Crowd Two new studies on immigration enforcement show that the border first/border only immigration policy is not enough.  After spending more on immigration enforcement than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined, and achieving record levels of enforcement, […] | Read More »

01/04/13 | Today, Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) announced that he will join the House Judiciary Committee, stepping away from a plum post as the third ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, so that he can fight for immigration reform.  As Rep. Gutierrez stated, “passing comprehensive immigration reform is my passion and my commitment to […] | Read More »

01/03/13 | Key Lessons for Both Parties as Legislative Debate Moves “Full Steam Ahead”  The Huffington Post reports that President Obama is planning to move “full steam ahead” on immigration reform this January, with the White House planning “to push forward quickly.”  Meanwhile, both movement conservatives and Republican leaders are calling for Republicans to engage in a […] | Read More »

12/19/12 | TIME Magazine editors named Barack Obama their “Person of the Year” today–but in the magazine’s recent Readers’ Choice poll for the same award, the President came in at 18th.  ”Undocumented Immigrants“ finished with a strong third, while The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart took second, and first place went to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un (after meddling from 4chan.) Undocumented […] | Read More »

12/18/12 | New Colorlines Analysis Shows Steady Separation of Parents and U.S. Citizen Children Under DHS New data on the deportations of the parents of U.S. citizen children remind us why family unity has to be the cornerstone of the upcoming immigration reform debate in Congress. Colorlines reports that the “federal government conducted more than 200,000 deportations […] | Read More »

12/14/12 | A new video from America’s Voice Education Fund, “From the Latino Vote in 2012 to Immigration Reform in 2013,” captures the Republican Party’s challenge with respect to Latino voters and the GOP’s need to push for immigration reform. The video starts with Ronald Reagan arguing for “amnesty,” followed by Mitt Romney announcing hardline immigration positions […] | Read More »

12/13/12 | Changing Demographics & Corrosive GOP Image Among Latinos a Recipe for Increasing Political Irrelevance Unless Party Adapts on Immigration Latinos and the Republican Party haven’t seen eye-to-eye much recently.  However, leaders of prominent Latino-focused organizations and leading Republican pollsters each made news yesterday and reached a similar conclusion: the Republican Party needs to play ball […] | Read More »

12/10/12 | Frank Sharry: “Americans Want it, Democrats Promised it, and Republicans Need it”  The ramp-up to the upcoming immigration reform legislative battle has started and will continue to play out in public over the coming months.  As America’s Voice Education Fund’s Executive Director Frank Sharry told USA Today, the legislative “measures that pass are those are […] | Read More »

12/07/12 | Since the 2012 election results rolled in, it’s been hard to keep track of all the momentum behind real immigration reform. The immediate post-election developments included supportive comments from Republican Senators for real reform, such as Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC) and Rand Paul (KY), and the surprising backing of earned citizenship from Fox News television and radio host, Sean Hannity. Yet the hits just keep on coming | Read More »

12/05/12 | New Poll Analysis Shows All Americans–Latinos and Non-Latinos–Agree In an interview with CQ yesterday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) reiterated his support for comprehensive immigration reform and even “suggested that he could support citizenship…with preconditions, including an emphasis on granting citizenship first to immigrants who are currently waiting to receive it,” writes CQ reporter, John Gramlich.  […] | Read More »

12/04/12 | Campaign Manager “Regrets” Hard Right Stance on Undocumented Immigrants; Will Republicans in Congress Heed the Lesson?  Matt Rhoades, Mitt Romney’s campaign manager, has added his voice to the ranks of other Republicans lamenting choices the Party made on immigration.  At a forum hosted by the Harvard University Institute of Politics and reported on yesterday, Rhoades […] | Read More »