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  • “I Don’t Want My Husband to be Deported”: Families Tell Obama Why He Must Act on Immigration

    We wanted to hear directly from people affected why the President should act. Here are submissions from all over the country…

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  • Resources for Executive Action

    An archive page on everything you need to know about President Obama’s upcoming administrative relief…

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  • Arguments for President Obama to Take Executive Action on Immigration

    Our list of the top legal, political, and policy arguments for President Obama to use his presidential powers…

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  • GOP Hasn’t Passed Immigration Reform, Still Wants to Deport DREAMers

    We need to be clear: ending DACA means deporting DREAMers.  Here are a list of Republicans who have called for just that…

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  • New Scorecard Shows House Republicans on Wrong Side of Latino and Immigrant Voters

    America’s Voice scorecard summarizes the actions and voting record of 12 select House Republicans, including many who call themselves immigration reform supporters…

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08/29/14 Remember Obama’s June 30th Rose Garden speech? While I will continue to push House Republicans to drop the excuses and act –- and I hope their constituents will too -– America cannot wait forever for them to act.  And that’s why, today, I’m beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as […]
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08/29/14 We know we’re winning the fight for President Obama to take executive action on immigration, but we wanted to hear directly from people affected why the President should act — and we ended up receiving hundreds of submissions from all across the country. We’re still reading through them, but they all have one common thread so […]
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09/02/14 Looks like Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) should’ve worked harder to lead on immigration. Coffman is running in one of this fall’s most competitive House races, in a district that is heavily Latino, while representing a party that has done absolutely nothing for a key community priority — immigration reform.  With election day less than two months away, Coffman […]
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09/02/14 In response to recent news that President Obama may delay his upcoming executive action on immigration reform, here’s Brian Beutler at the New Republic on why waiting just doesn’t make sense.  Republicans have been pretty panicked about the possibility that Obama might act.  Why would they be afraid, unless it was a good move for […]
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09/02/14 Another August, another anti-immigrant flop. ALIPAC and Overpasses for America, two extremist anti-immigrant groups, have for weeks been trumpeting rallies planned for August 29-30, with their most recent emails proclaiming plans for 118 different events across the country.  The long weekend came and went…and you can see the fruit of their efforts below.  In contrast […]
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Huffington Post: White House Reportedly Considering Pushing Deportation Changes To Post-Election The Hill: White House refuses to set deadline for immigration action Talking Points Memo: Obama May Delay Immigration Actions Until After The Election Wall Street Journal: Obama Weighs Delay in Immigration Plan Los Angeles Times: Immigration activists push reform despite possible White House delay […] (09/02/14) »

You know, if Paul Ryan would actually talk to these DREAMers, maybe he wouldn’t have to keep throwing them out. For at least the third time this week, a DREAMer confronted Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) at a book signing, and he had her immediately removed.  According to Latino Rebels, a group of activists from SEIU, CHIRLA, and Mi […] (08/29/14) »

MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin today covers two of this fall’s most important races — Rep. Cory Gardner’s (R-CO) bid to unseat Sen. Mark Udall, and Rep. Mike Coffman’s (R-CO) battle to hold his seat against Democratic challenger Andrew Romanoff.  Colorado’s electorate is 13% Latino, and as we’ve written about many times, both of these Republicans have talked the talk […] (08/29/14) »

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: In a matter of weeks or even days, we anticipate that President Obama will articulate some changes to immigration administration and enforcement that will provide some security to undocumented persons living and working in the United States. This action will represent the full and final defeat of the legislative effort at […] (08/29/14) »

Raul Garcia, First Farm Worker to Run for U.S. Congress, Asks McCarthy Key Question: While We Wait for You on Immigration Reform, Who Should Be Harvesting America’s Food? Raul Garcia, a naturalized U.S. citizen and farm worker of 30 years, has had enough of the empty promises from his Representative on immigration and this fall, […] (08/29/14) »

Huffington Post: Drinking & Talking Mourns The Death Of Immigration Reform Associated Press: Obama sets no timeline for action on immigration MSNBC: Immigration reformers make their stand in Colorado Politico: Obama wants immigration action The Hill: President forges ahead on immigration order Reuters: Obama signals timing of new immigration measures in question Bloomberg: Obama’s Advisers […] (08/29/14) »

From voting or voicing support for ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to signaling willingness to trigger a government shutdown and even impeachment proceedings over potential executive action on immigration, national Republicans continue to lurch hard right on immigration—staking out policy positions more extreme even than Mitt Romney’s.  At the same time, […] (08/28/14) »

With observers trying to assess the political implications of President Obama taking executive action on immigration, here are three things to consider: Republicans will overreact and overreach, triggering a focus on a government shutdown and a push toward impeachment: As a range of stories highlighted yesterday, Republicans are already gearing up for potential executive action, […] (08/28/14) »

Coffman Reveals He Has Zero Interest in Solving Immigration Issue, Making Executive Action from President the Only Solution Rep. Mike Coffman (R,CO-06) has spent the last year walking back his once declared support for immigration reform. His primary strategy for distracting voters on his flip flop has been to say that Congress should take a […] (08/28/14) »

Ohio Husband of U.S. Citizen and Caretaker of Son with Cerebral Palsy Remains in Limbo as Family Waits for Executive Action As the President prepares to take executive action on immigration in coming weeks, one Ohio family is hoping for news from the White House.  And soon. After being granted a stay one year ago, […] (08/27/14) »

Rubio Belittles Dreamers, Flirts With Government Shutdown over Executive Action and Completes Flip-Flop on Immigration Reform Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) once graced the cover of TIME Magazine as the “Republican Savior.”  He was determined to find a path to immigration reform that pleased both conservatives and Latinos.  Now he’s pandering to the very anti-immigrant forces […] (08/27/14) »

No, Because Passing Reform in 2015 is a Pipedream Many agree with our assessment that President Obama should use his existing legal authority to act on immigration, knowing that it’s good policy and the right thing to do.  But Republicans have abdicated any sense of governing responsibly on immigration and ceded control to the anti-immigrant […] (08/26/14) »